Pinpoint Security Services

Helping companies build their cyber security

Staff Augmentation

Today companies face an ever growing challenge of finding the right people to staff their company. No matter what the vertical cyber security professionals are in high demand as noted most recently by Forbes, ISC2, and the Wall Street Journal. Pinpoint Security has built out a team of seasoned cyber security professionals so that you don’t have to. No matter what the specialty or industry niche Pinpoint Security has the right professional for you. Contact us to learn more about how we can augment your existing security team.

Managed Services

Pinpoint Security provides a wide range of managed security services. These include Continuous Vulnerability Management, Continuous Log Monitoring, Managed EDR, Managed Email Security, and Managed Network Security.

Cyber Security Consulting

Trying to solve a hard cyber security problem? Our professional cyber security consultants can help you deliver cyber security projects on time and on budget. Need a network penetration test, web application penetration test, or an incident response tabletop exercise? Pinpoint Security can help.


We focus on hiring the very best cyber security professionals and make them even better by continuing to invest in them with training and professional development. We believe that by building better well rounded cyber security professionals we are better able to serve our clients.


We believe that process matters. Great people and technology without a solid process will flounder. Our processes are based on years of experience in getting things done. We believe that simple is better, that frameworks and standards save time, that secure by default should be the default, defense in depth isn’t just a buzzword, least privilege saves money, and a secure process is a better process.


Is not the end all be all. We believe in investing in technology that provides a return on investment by multiplying our people and magnifying effective processes. We love to partner with technology companies that share this vision and help us build our clients cyber security capabilities.