About Pinpoint Security

We exist to serve, shape, and build the digital security of organizations for a safer tomorrow.

Our Story

Founded in Oklahoma in 2018 out of a desire to build exceptional cyber security for organizations that were drowning under too many security tools, unable to find quality people, being bombarded with untenable strategies, management chasing buzz words and vendors offering the next silver bullet to solve all of our security problems.


We believe in building security with a mix of great people, practical tools, and solid strategy. No buzz words or silver bullets.

  • Tools and Technology 33% 33%
  • People 34% 34%
  • Strategy 33% 33%
  • Buzz Words and Silver Bullets 0% 0%

Community First

Building community is core to Pinpoint Security. Whether supporting the local Information Security community, helping local youth sports, supporting our city governments or serving in our local churches and charities. Pinpoint Security serves our communities because we are better together.

Stephen Nelson

Stephen Nelson

CEO, Principal Consultant

Building a Cyber Security Company with a purpose. Helping organizations build their cyber security programs for a safer tomorrow where the only easy day was yesterday. Experienced with startups to F500 and everything in between from Education to Finance to Energy.

Chris Ogles

Chris Ogles

CTO, Principal Consultant

Security Practitioner and technology enthusiast who loves security as much as he loves technology. Chris cut his teeth at multiple F500 enterprises against adversaries large and small.  This also brought an understanding of the balance between technology enablement and security hardening.